Miura observes no boundaries between the business fields of energy, Energy, Water, and Environment

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As Japan's leading boiler manufacturer, MIURA will continue to pursue our mission :
“Helping customers all over the world in energy conservation and environmental preservation”

Daisuke Miyauchi

Thank you for your continued patronage and support of the MIURA Group.
The history of MIURA began with the development of the Z Boiler in 1959. Since that time, we at MIURA have worked as one to engage in manufacturing what our customers would find useful. And thanks to the support of our customers, MIURA has grown to become the top boiler manufacturer in Japan.
Under our mission of "Helping customers all over the world in energy conservation and environmental preservation" we are now utilizing the knowledge and experience gained through our boilers to advance a broad range of business ventures. MIURA doesn't stop in the boiler room; it is now harnessed far and wide, in both industrial plants and everyday life, and even abroad.

We are also aggressively exploring cutting edge fields such as fuel cells for professional use with an eye towards the world's unpredictable energy situation, and ballast water management system in response to the rising awareness for environmental conservation. From heat, water, and the environment, to the fields of electricity and air, MIURA's business ventures are expanding.
The business environment in which MIURA operates is undergoing dramatic changes, including revolutions in power and gas systems and the advent of the hydrogen society.

I am positive these changes will provide MIURA with enormous opportunities. In order to harness these opportunities, we will focus even further on developing the people that support our manufacturing. We will verse each and every employee on our mission and provide our customers with total solutions in order to contribute to and meet their expectations for energy conservation and environmental preservation.

Daisuke Miyauchi
President & CEO MIURA CO.,LTD.
Daisuke Miyauchi

The MIURA Group Principles

  1. To wisely manage society's world resources through responsible use of energy and water
  2. To become the most respected and trusted name with cutting edge service and technology
  3. To promote pride in its employees through good corporate citizenship

Corporate profile

  • Company name
  • Description of business
    Production, sale, and maintenance of small once-through boilers, marine boilers, exhaust gas boilers, water treatment equipment, food processing equipment, sterilizers, and chemicals, environmental certification, etc.
  • Head office
    7 Horie, Matsuyama, Ehime 799-2696, Japan
  • Established
    May 1, 1959
  • Representative
    Daisuke Miyauchi, President and CEO
  • Capital stock
    ¥9.544 bn (as of March 31, 2017)
  • Number of employees
    Consolidated: 4,950 (as of March 31, 2017)
    Group: 5,013 (1,393 overseas)
    Regular employees only

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