An easy-to-understand guide to MIURA.

Tamotsu Miura had a goal for manufacturing
when he first established this company 60 years ago;
"We will make the boiler of the world's best price and quality ever!"

We at MIURA hope to be the best partner for energy, water,
and the environment, trusted by customers around the world.

For the earth, the future,
and to keep smiles on the faces of children forever.

We will contribute to creating a society
that is environmentally friendly and ways of living
that are clean and comfortable through our work in the field of the Energy, Water, and Environment.

This is the MIURA Group Mission.
We at MIURA see it as our duty to work from this mission to act as the best partner to the customers who trust us around the world, aiding in energy conservation and environmental protection, and contributing to the creation of a sustainable society through our business activities.

Energy, water, and the environment×SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS

Expanding the hydrogen business
for the future

In the fight against global warming that is a shared cause for the entire world, MIURA has taken on the challenge of creating a carbon-free hydrogen society.

We are now working to commercialize ideas for new energy applications, developing products such as solid oxide fuel cell systems, hydrogen-fired boilers, and hydrogen production equipment.

Hydrogen City Gas Electricity | Conceptual diagram of decarbonized society and hydrogen society

Examples of hydrogen use by MIURA

MIURA's first hydrogen-fired boiler at Okayama Chemical Co., Ltd.

Collaborative development of small hydrogen production equipment together with Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd., and Tokyo Gas Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Solid oxide fuel cell systems that utilize hydrogen extracted from city gas

the low-temperature sterilization technology that will change the world

We support society with the latest sterilization technologies, including those that control the spread of infectious diseases to allow people to travel the world with peace of mind, reproductive and regenerative treatments to improve precision in tasks such as culturing by suppressing the growth of abnormal cells, area decontamination to reduce the amount of residual chlorine present while improving sterilization effects, and control of resistant bacteria to eliminate the problem of drug resistance that makes medication less effective.

Sterilization method of low temperature x mixed gas|ETstera

Protecting marine ecosystems
Ballast water management system

The sea, source of all life.
Cargo ships around the world use the sea to carry mountains of goods.
Cargo ships not laden with freight take on seawater as ballast, which they then expel into the ocean when they arrive at their destination and load on their cargo.

We know that the organisms mixed in with the ballast water taken on have a negative effect on the marine ecosystems in the areas where they are dumped.
MIURA's ballast water management system eliminates organisms contained in ballast water, helping to address marine environmental issues.

Ballast water treatment flow

Total solutions deliver further energy savings to solve the problems our customers face

While initiatives for new energy are important, energy conservation that can be achieved now is even more so.
MIURA's total solutions offer further energy savings for those of our customers who are endeavoring to address environmental issues.
Undertaking a total review of utility equipment, transport lines, production facilities, and energy management allows us to maximize potential for energy conservation.

Energy management Cooperation between utility equipment and production equipment using MEIS CLOUD® and effective use of energy

Reliable one-stop maintenance

Diagram of maintenance system that allows you to use heat, water, and environmental equipment with peace of mind

Maintenance is essential for the safe, reliable use of equipment and facilities.
MIURA has field engineers throughout Japan who provide maintenance in an extensive range of areas including energy, water, and the environment.
They carry out preventative maintenance in advance to prevent trouble.

CHAPTER.02 Miura's Now Miura in Numbers

Consolidated net sales


billion yen

Total number of group employees


(regular and associate employees only)

(regular and associate employees only)

Number of offices in Japan



Number of field engineers





Number of units managed in MIURA Online Maintenance system

More than


units(as of September 2022)

(as of September 2022)

Energy savings diagnosis

More than



in 24 countries
and regions

(including Japan)

Products in operation  140,000

Sales ratio by industry



billion yen
(for the fiscal year ended March 2024)

Numerous top market
shares in Japan

Once-through boiler
market share

Number of marine
boilers installed

Water softener
market share

Vacuum cooler
market share

Exhaust gas boiler
market share

Dioxin analysis
pretreatment equipment
market share

Industrial-use cleaning
equipment market share

Residential water softener
market share

CHAPTER.03 MIURA business.

MIURA's Combined Strengths

Since our founding in 1959, MIURA has made the most of our know-how in boiler development and production to grow a wide variety of businesses.
Currently MIURA is leveraging its strengths in a broad range of domains such as air and electric power as well as energy, water, and the environment. As our businesses grow, so does the scope of our maintenance services.
Even though we may be active in a broader range of business domains, our desire to contribute to our customers through energy conservation and environmental protection remains unchanged.








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