MIURABallast water management system

Less is more.

Making it simple for you.

It goes without saying that the ideal product is one that can do not only ‘this’ but also ‘that’ as well...

To all you shipowners, we know it can be difficult to find the motivation to go through all the effort of researching Ballast water management systems yourselves.

Thankfully, Muira’s HK system offers 7 major advantages that help you cut down on tiresome extra work.
Our goal is to reduce the time and hassle for shipowners, managers, crew and management companies.
Our philosophy is “Less is more.”
Looking beyond the categories of cost, time, and labor, Miura takes a comprehensive approach, reducing and omitting extraneous tasks wherever possible. Here we introduce the 7 ways in which we accomplish this.

United States Coast Guard Type ApprovalGuaranteed

image:Freshwater test site (Ehime)
Fresh water test site (Ehime Pref.)
image:Sea water test site (Hiroshima)
Sea water test site (Hiroshima Pref.)

Guaranteed to Meet the
IMO Revised G8 and USCG Type Approval

2014 IMO G8 guidelines and AMS*1
2019 USCG type approval*2
2020 IMO revised G8*3 guidelines

Miura’s Ballast water management systems delivered after October 28, 2020 are compliant with the revised G8. *3


Upgrade to a USCG type approved model

MIURA Ballast water management systems obtained AMS*1 approval in 2014, and USCG type approval*2 in 2019. The HK systems are eligible to be upgraded to the USCG type-approved model before their AMS*1 expires in 5 years or the AMS extension application deadline passes. If you are interested in upgrading, contact us via the "INQUIRY" form.

  • *1 AMS (Alternate Management Systems)
    International Maritime Organization approved ballast water treatment equipment systems granted temporary approval by the US Coast Guard.
  • *2 United States Coast Guard Type Approval
    Approval issued by the US Coast Guard for ballast water processing equipment certifying that the equipment complies with the Coast Guard's independent ballast water processing standards.
  • *3 IMO revised G8 / BWMS Code
    Ballast water management systems installed in ships from October 28, 2020 onwards will require the revised G8 type approval. The IMO revised G8 is also known as the BWMS Code.

Filters + UV irradiationEnvironment-friendly

Photomicrograph by T.Omura(LASC)

The environment-friendly elimination method

photo:Filter + UV Harmless

Miura's large size filters, with pores larger than 50 μm, eliminate 99.99% of organisms, while our small-size filters with pores smaller than 50 μm reliably kill off all other organisms using UV irradiation. UV irradiation completely eliminates organisms in an extremely clean process that is not harmful to the environment.



Smart filters eliminate the need for tiresome cleaning


Flow charts can be displayed using the touch panel, making it easy to keep track of filter operating status. Even navigation officers with little experience or untrained staff can easily clean the filters with the touch of a button. Moreover, the filters can be cleaned without opening the filter cover. As operation is possible even from outside the engine room, it is easy to send out a warning or announcement if needed. Preventative operation is made simple, and safe operation effortless.

RetrofittingExpert planning

photo:Expert planning

Our capable supervisors can handle any kind of retrofit

Retrofitting requires the cooperation of someone with the imagination to visualize a range of possibilities, a detailed plan for installing equipment in a limited space, and a wealth of experience. At Miura, our team of expert supervisors and engineers provide support during every step of the retrofitting process, from vessel inspection to 3D scanning, design, and equipment installation. We have equipment suitable for vessels of all types and sizes, and for various installation environments. It is highly unusual for us to come across a vessel we cannot outfit.

Customer Service NetworkQuick, comprehensive service

photo:Quick, comprehensive service

Our engineers have the skills to handle a wide range of tasks so you don’t have to

map:Customer Service Network No Bother Double tap to zoom and pan

Miura employs 20 maintenance specialist engineers in four locations in China alone, and 75 staff at various other locations around the world (as of November 2019). No matter where on the world’s oceans you may be, we’ll send someone to meet you in the shortest possible time. Because each of our engineers are well versed in electrical, mechanical and water management technology, they’ll get the job done quickly. Much of Miura’s equipment is original, and we guarantee that you’ll be able to continue using it safely for a long time.
Miura’s excellent maintenance saves our customers hassle and worry.

Installed InventoryA proven record

photo:Installed Inventory Ceaseless

Vessel MachineryA reliable partner

photo:Ship Machinery Boundless

Serving across the world’s oceans

Vertical water tube composite boilerGK


G/E Exhaust gas heat recovery unitGK-G


Auxiliary boilerHB/HB-T


Auxiliary boilerVWH


Exhaust gas economizerKS/KF


Thermal oil heaterHTB


Exhaaust gas thermal oil heaterKTH-S


Hot water boilerHV-A・HV




Fresh water generatorWM-SK/DK


Double effect fresh water generatorWM-40T


Miura has 50 years of experience in the shipping industry, providing a range of equipment for use on vessels, including auxiliary boilers, auxiliary heat recovery units, incinerators, and fresh water generators. We are also Japan’s leading manufacturer of auxiliary boilers. We continue to provide energy-saving technology that makes efficient use of energy, excellent maintenance that you can depend on to extend the life of your equipment, and a range of independently developed parts. We are continually chosen by our clients as a partner they can rely on to facilitate smooth business on the world’s oceans, providing products, technology and systems they can count on.