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Ideas with Heart.

T e c h n o l o g y  w i t h  h e a r t .

 w i t h  h e a r t .

S e r v i c e s  w i t h  h e a r t .

A s k i n g  o u r s e l v e s  w h a t  w e  c a n  d o ;

T h i s  i s  o u r  f o u n d a t i o n .

Ideas with Heart.

How is MIURA technology developed?How are its products made?How are its services provided?With love.Love and caring. Love and caring for the Earth,the future, people’s lives,and the laughter of children.Love and caring in every way.It’s asking ourselves how to bringhappiness into our customers' lives,and what we can do for them.This is our foundation.At MIURA, we pour love into every idea.It’s a story with heart.MIURA sends your way.LOVE in Japanese is pronounced i.

Ideas with Heart.


The History of 'Ideas with Heart'

The person of 'Ideas with Heart'- Tamotsu Miura