Our Business


The MIURA Group focuses on the production, sales, and maintenance of boilers and associated equipment.

We provide total solutions for factories around the globe, combining our mainstay once-through boilers with other products based on boiler technology such as water treatment equipment, food equipment, medical equipment, and exhaust gas boilers, as well as the one-stop maintenance that only a manufacturer can provide.

Business Model

Technology that aids our customers.
Services that are trusted.

MIURA's business model is to provide "technoservices."
We utilize unique technologies that are useful to our customers to make and develop a range of products in the domains of energy, water, and the environment.
We offer proposals that place the highest priority on customers and safety, and offer prompt, appropriate maintenance after delivery.
MIURA seeks to satisfy our customers through the synergy of technology, sales, and maintenance.


We hope to reduce environmental impact even further

As the best partner of energy, water, and the environment, we develop products that allow us to offer proposals around the world, always taking the global environment into account. Unique performance-boosting technologies allow us to strive for and achieve environmentally friendly products that conserve energy and resources.
MIURA has been acclaimed for our technical prowess in reducing CO2 and NOx emissions, which has won us numerous prestigious awards.


From the boiler room to the whole factory

MIURA boilers are used internationally as well as in Japan.
In fact, we are ready to propose solutions to the energy problems faced not just by boilers, but by entire factories.
Working from energy conservation utilizing factory diagnoses and from water analysis data for over 1,000 incidents annually in Japan, we are able to offer solutions to the problems confronting our customers—and even to potential issues of which they are unaware.
Leave energy conservation and total water treatment to MIURA, the best partner of energy, water, and the environment.

Examples of water treatment systems



At MIURA, we believe that the service we provide to our customers after we have delivered our products to them is vital.
Centering on the reliable MIURA Online Maintenance system, we offer preventative maintenance that provides round-the-clock monitoring for the equipment of customers who have concluded maintenance agreements (communication specification) with us, striving to prevent the occurrence of sudden problems.
With approximately 1,000 personnel throughout Japan, as well as international facilities, we provide comprehensive backup that allows our field engineers to offer the best possible service to our customers.

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