Message from the President & CEO

I’m honored to serve as the President & CEO of this great company.

The MIURA Group’s history began in 1959, when it successfully developed a small once-through boiler. Today, the Group has established a leadership position in the industrial small once-through boiler market in Japan. Having evolved into a globally operating enterprise, the Group manufactures, markets, and services a diverse range of products, including boilers, water-treatment equipment, food-processing equipment, medical devices, marine equipment, and environmental analysis equipment.

Building on my experience as CTO in driving the Group’s business growth from an engineering perspective, I will take a broader perspective to corporate management as CEO, leading the Group’s efforts to increase its enterprise value and play a greater role in driving social impact, including achieving carbon neutrality.

My priority is to upgrade MIURA’s proprietary Total Solutions in order to better assist businesses in tackling their operational challenges, such as reducing environmental impact and achieving greater energy efficiency, in their plans. I’ll also take MIURA’s unique on-site problem-solving and innovation capabilities to a higher level to better adapt to a fast-changing business environment.

I intend to navigate the Group through the volatile and unpredictable external environment by being thoughtful yet decisive, and bold in action. I will stay focused on fulfilling the MIURA Group Mission of playing an instrumental role in achieving an environmentally friendly society and creating clean and comfortable lifestyles through our contribution in the fields of Energy, Water, and the Environment.