Ship machinery - Maintenance Service

Ship machinery - Maintenance Service

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We offer components and a one-stop maintenance service where our field engineers visit the ship so that safe operation can be maintained, offering peace of mind for many years, as part of our after-sales service.

1.Ship visit service by field engineers

In addition to six locations around Japan, our professional field engineers in Zhoushan, Nantong, Taipei, Singapore, Amsterdam, and Houston provide swift solutions to problems according to ship conditions.

2.Service as preventative maintenance

Our field engineers offer one-stop maintenance services.

  • We analyze past inspection results and operating data to provide optimal service.
  • Ship visit service during regular dock inspections
  • Ship visit service for afloat inspections while moored in port and for emergency repairs
  • Provision of operation briefings and training to crew

Please contact your nearest MIURA sales office if there is anything we can help you with. Our field engineers will inquire about ship status and movements and offer a ship visit service plan.

3.Ship visit pre-diagnostics, preparations

To gain a more accurate understanding of ship equipment before visiting, we send a diagnostic sheet and part inventory list so that we can be fully prepared. For BWMS HK, sending your SD data allows us to analyze the operation history so that we can identify important areas to inspect and predict which areas need repairs.

4.Water analysis service

Water quality management is vital to ensuring safe, long-term boiler use. We offer water analysis service as part of boiler water quality management support. If you would like to request water analysis service, please download the Water Analysis Request below and send it along with a water sample to the nearest MIURA sales office from your port of call.

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